Saturday, October 6, 2018

Now I just need to get greedy!

Sat, 10/6-Sean Hanna Foundation 5K at Duke Island Park.

On this misty, 60-degree day, I arrived at a bit after 9:00 for the 10:00 start, V with me. After I registered, we jogged 2.1M, completing the paved outer loop of the park (20:00). I then lubed up with Icy Hot and stretched pretty well. After shaking my legs out, I did two 30m pickups and was ready to go.

I chatted a bit at the line with another run, Brian Bumgarnes, and then we were off.

Brian and I ran side-by-side for the greater part of the first mile. When we reached the first bridge at about 2:45, I thought we were on pace to hit the mile mark in 5:30 or 5:40. I was surprised then to hit it at 5:50, at this point 15 meters behind Brian.

I did not panic, however. I just acknowledged that I was behind where I wanted to be. I was also determined to stay in contact with Brian. And that's what I did. As we moved through the wooded area, I kept him within reach. At one point he did extend his lead to about 25 meters, but I'd surge and shrink it to within 20 meters.

My Garmin watch told me that I ran my second mile in 5:55. I wanted to cut into Brian's lead, but he maintained, not faltering. With about a half-mile to go, I could feel I was getting closer. My third mile I ran in 5:52. I came within three seconds of catching Brian. I didn't push the last 60 seconds of the race I should have.

That said, I am glad I am making progress with my 18:17. Now I just need to get greedy!

Fri, 10/4-took off

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