Saturday, July 23, 2016

I was hoping

Sat, 7/23-in Ocean City, MD...
On this 87-degrees morning, I ran 4M... from 91st down to 56th and back.  I reached the two-mile mark in 15:50, running a slower pace of 7:55.  I made it back to the hotel in 30:05, covering the second two miles in 14:15 (about 7:07 pace). The plan was to run 4M solo and then return to the hotel and then run another 4M with my daughter.  After I returned to the hotel and got back out on the road again, 30 minutes had elapsed.  She and I had a good start, covering the first mile in 8:30 or so.  Unfortunately, my daughter slowed over the next mile, as we reached the 2-mile mark in 18:00.  Not feeling well at all, she eventually had to stop after 2.5M.  We walked the last 1.5M back to the hotel.   I was hoping to run a full eight (8) miles, but at least I was able to get in 6.5M.  And, yes, she feels better!

Fri-ran through Rustin HS campus and to Goose Creek Park for a couple of loops.  Total distance: 4.35-4.4M.  Finished in 31:15.  Very humid.

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