Monday, August 20, 2018

My legs are feeling tired.

Aug 20, 2018-

Today was supposed to be an easy 30-min run. I  started towards the far end of the YMCA's parking lot and made my way towards CVS. I covered the first mile in 7:40 and continued with that pace. I hit Beekman and Triangle (1.4M into the run) at 10:55. I figured I'd turn around at 2.05M, or 15:30 into the run. I hit the 2.05M mark at 15:30 (7:34 per mile pace).  

On the way back, I hit Beekman and Triangle at 20:05 (2.6M). I kept an easy pace for the rest, finishing up the 4.10M run in 30:00, or 7:19/mile pace. (The 2.05 trek back was 14:30, or 7:04/mile pace)

My legs are feeling tired.

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