Thursday, July 5, 2018

I looked at my watch

July 5, 2018

I arrived on campus at 7:25AM with 3x400 in 60 seconds on my mind. Although the temperature was doable, it was on the humid side.   

Rep 1: I got out okay, crossing the 100-meter mark in 14/15.  I relaxed on the backstretch, reaching the 200 mark in 30. I crossed the 300 in 46. As I hit the homestretch, I tried not to overuse my arms.  I crossed the 400 in 61-high.

I walked for 10 minutes.

Rep 2: Feeling fully recovered, I decided to get at the next 400.  I reached the 100 in 14/15 and the 200 in 30.  I looked at my watch at the 300 mark and saw 45.  I tried to relax over the last 100, finishing the lap in 61-flat.

I walked another 10 minutes.  

Rep 3: I was ready to go.  I reached the 100 in 14 and the 200 in 29. I looked at my watch and saw 44 at the 300 mark. I finished up in 60-flat.   

My butt was locked up afterwards, though.  

I was fairly pleased with the workout.

If I do this workout in the near future, maybe I'll try either 4x400 in 62 or 3x400 in sub-60.

July 4, 2018

On this crazy humid day, V and I went to the trail for a run, using the side heading toward Franklin Township's Colonial Park. I reached the 2.12M mark in 17:00. I headed back and came across V at 20:30. I walked with her for a tenth of a mile or so. When we reached the stake that indicated I has 1.5M to the parking lot, I started running again. I picked up the pace over the last mile in particular, covering it in about 7:00.

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