Wednesday, June 20, 2018

There is something amiss

Wed, 6/20/18-Went to the YMCA at 6 AM for a workout.

8:30 mile
4:00 lift/stretch
7:30 mile
4:00 lift
.5M at 6:40 pace (3:20)

Tues, 6/21/18-
Worked half-day.
Hung out at home for a couple of hours.
Felt lethargic.
Headed out with V at 3:40 for the first Germantown Academy Meet, temperature above 90 degrees. Had registered for the 100 meters and 200 meters beforehand.
Warmed up pretty good, but still felt in a fog.
Was assigned heat 4, lane 2 against two girls and three other guys.
Ran a catastrophic race with wind at my face: 12.97, a masters worst.
Decided to leave soon afterwards.

As I wrote to Chuck K:

After a catastrophic 100 meter race, I knew it was time to head home.... After now a string of bad races, I am wondering if there is something amiss. Post-concussion symptoms?  I may be just tired, even somewhat burned out right now. Who knows? 

I, too, MAY be finished for the summer. We'll see. It's weird for me to say, but I'm kinda looking ahead to 5K training.  


  1. What! Say it aint so !
    Executioner, maybe it just a temporary lull. I plan on being at GA Tuesday to help fire your jets! Could not make last week Danielle graduations ceremonies. I felt really happy and satisfied she was 8th in a class of 340! Step 1 completed with Gold Start :-) Onward to Step 2

    1. Thanks, bro! I totally forgot to ask how graduation went! did it go?

  2. Graduation went well! Onward to college!