Sunday, June 24, 2018

John's shirt came off. You know we meant business now.

June 24, 2018

I met up with the crew (Chuck S., Rob, John, Bruce and, surprisingly, Wayne) today at Germantown Academy at 8AM. After putting on three pounds in as many days while in Maryland, I needed a workout in a bad way. On tap, per Phil's plan for Rob, was 8-10 x 200 at about 800 meter race pace, with 2:30 rest between each effort. Rob said he'd shoot for 32s. I figured I'd do the same since 32 seconds is my 800-meter race pace...on a good day! Given the generous rest for the pace, I wound up going a bit faster on most repeats.

30-high (Bruce's shirt came off!)
30-mid (Uh oh! John's shirt came off. You know we meant business now.)
30-low (My shirt came off!)

With everyone else finished, John and I tacked on a 150m pick-up in 21-low (7.5 first 50m, 7.0 second 50, 6.5 third 50). I then did another 150 by my lonesome, sub-20 the goal. I hit 20-flat.

Off we went for coffee and treats!