Sunday, February 13, 2011

I need to get inspired

Sun, 2/13/11--Today's race smelled like rotten eggs. I stunk up the place as far as I am concerned. I arrived at Glen Mills to run a strong 800, not a pedestrian one. I was seeded first in the race at 2:05. The rest of the guys in my heat were youngsters--high schoolers. I took the first lap...but did so far too leisurely in about :32. I heard someone stalking me at the 450m mark and was overtaken at 550 meters. I heard :63 or :64 at the 400. Another guy passed me at about this time. I went with them for about 50 meters and then it happened--I felt myself give up as they continued to push the pace. I wound up third, running a lousy 2:11.9 (2:12.11) behind a 2:06 and 2:08 and just ahead of a 2:12. I cooled down immediately and left with my tail between my legs.

I have a lot of work to do. I need to get inspired. I guess the treadmill was for not.

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